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Prevent and Cure Tooth Decay with Sealants  


Cure Tooth Decay: Yuma Dental Specializes in Sealants

Your smile can be protected from decay and painful cavities with teeth sealants. Yuma AZ-based Yuma Dental uses today's most effective material to prevent tooth decay. Yuma smiles are being improved each day in our office!

Dental Sealants Yuma AZ Patients Benefit From

You can cure and prevent tooth decay. Yuma AZ patients are opting for dental sealants to protect their teeth from future or further decay.

While children are the typical recipients of a dental sealant, Yuma AZ patients of all ages can opt for this protective barrier. If your teeth are weak and prone to cavities, a dental sealant could be your ideal solution.

Sealants are made from plastic resin. It is applied to the chewing surfaces of your permanent teeth. Bonded into the depressions and grooves of premolars and molars, the sealant acts as a barrier, offering effective protection against bacteria, plaque and acids. The sealant is made of clear or shaded plastic and is typically applied to the back teeth where cavities are most often found.

How are Sealants Applied?

When you get teeth sealants, the procedure will be quick and comfortable. Typically, it only takes one visit to apply your dental sealants. Yuma AZ patients may often receive sealants at their regular checkup if time permits.

The first step is to thoroughly clean your teeth before applying a teeth sealant. Yuma AZ dental experts at Yuma Dental will then condition and dry your teeth.

After the tooth is prepped, the sealant is applied onto the grooves of the tooth. It takes a little time for the sealant to harden under a special light designed specifically for teeth sealants. Yuma AZ patients can plan on being able to eat right after their appointment.

How Long do Sealants Last?

If properly cared for, which means regular brushed and flossed, sealants can last for many years. If your child is receiving sealants, they should last through the most cavity-prone years of his or her life.

Whenever you go for your regular dental check up, your dentist will check your teeth sealant. Yuma AZ patients will be checked thoroughly to ensure a complete seal.

Does My Child Need Teeth Sealants? Yuma AZ Dental Experts Answer

Every child or adult with cavity-prone teeth can benefit from dental sealants. Yuma AZ patients should consider sealants because the procedure is quick and pain-free but offers long-lasting protection from cavities.

Even if your child is disciplined with their brushing and flossing, dental sealants offer the extra protection that cannot be achieved even with proper home dental care. Sealants are the first step in keeping your child cavity-free for a lifetime!

Protect Your Smile!

Call us today at 928.344.5700 for teeth sealants. Yuma AZ smiles, just like yours, can have extra protection for years thanks to this quick and comfortable procedure!