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Dental Implant Specialists Yuma AZ

When you visit Yuma Dental, you can rest assured knowing you're being seen by leading specialists in dental implants. Yuma AZ residents turn to Yuma Dental because of our skilled dentists and caring staff.

If you're not proud of your smile because of missing teeth, our dental implant specialist in Yuma AZ is here to help. Using today's advancements in dental implant surgery, our Yuma AZ dentists will transform your smile, replacing any holes with beautiful, natural-looking teeth.

What is Dental Implant Surgery? Our Yuma AZ Dentist Explains

One of the reasons why our dental implant dentist in Yuma AZ is chosen by patients for dental procedures is the time taken to completely answer all your questions. When you need dental implant surgery in Yuma AZ, our dental implant specialists will carefully review all your options with you.

A dental implant is a device made out of titanium that works like a natural tooth root. This titanium root device supports restorations resembling a tooth or group of teeth used to fill any holes left from missing teeth.

Known as "root-form endosseous implants", dental implants appear very similar to an actual tooth and are placed within the bone. The bone then grows right up to the implant, without forming soft tissue. Because of this acceptance, your new dental implant will feel like a real tooth.

Dental implants are used to support a variety of dental prostheses, including dentures, dental bridges and dental crowns. Depending on your individual needs, one of these will be used by our dental implant specialist in Yuma AZ to fill holes where your natural teeth once were.


Dentures are available as conventional or immediate. Conventional dentures are fitted and placed in your mouth after you've fully healed from any tooth removals. Because your mouth changes in shape and size as it heals, the benefit of conventional dentures is a better fit since they are made for your mouth after the healing process has been completed. The downside is having to wait the typical 6-8 week healing time before getting your dentures.

Immediate dentures are placed immediately after any tooth removal surgery. These dentures are typically based on measurements and models taken at your preliminary visit. Since your mouth will be in the healing process, you'll need to come back to get your dentures refitted.

Dental implants support overdentures. Overdentures are, as the name implies, fitted over dental implants or any remaining natural teeth strong enough to support the overdenture.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are also used to replace any missing teeth. They can either be removable or fixed.

A benefit of removable dental bridges is better oral hygiene. Since they can be removed, they can be better cleaned.

On the other hand, fixed dental bridges are bonded to surrounding teeth or dental implants. If the teeth surrounding your dental bridge aren't strong enough, a dental implant is needed to provide support to the bridge.

Dental Crowns

Crowns, commonly referred to as caps, are artificial coverings typically used when a tooth has a large cavity. Dental crowns are also used to create a lifelike tooth for a dental implant.

Why Choose Yuma Dental for Your Dental Implant Surgery in Yuma AZ

No matter the type of dental implant procedure, Yuma AZ dental specialists at Yuma Dental are here for you. We are experienced in all dental surgeries and procedures, specializing in making you as comfortable as possible.

Our caring, dedicated staff takes all the measures to ensure your experience is a positive one. We understand any dental procedure, no matter how small and routine, can cause anxiety in our patients.

Yuma Dental, your dental implant specialist in Yuma AZ, is known for our flexible scheduling. Unlike most, our dental implant dentist in Yuma AZ takes Friday appointments, every Friday. And if you are ever in need of emergency dental care, give us a call for same-day appointments.

Have a Confident Smile

Call us today at 928.344.5700 for an appointment with our expert, caring team to learn your best options for a dental implant. Yuma AZ residents depend on Yuma Dental because we specialize in today's most advanced dental procedures while focusing on your comfort. See some of the work we've done in our gallery.