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Do you have a cavity that needs filling or existing amalgam fillings that you're concerned about? If you're looking for a natural health oriented dentist in the Yuma, Arizona area, you’ve found us. We provide same-day appointments for both regular check-ups and dental emergencies, along with a friendly, caring staff that's dedicated to providing the very best in natural dental care.

Why Should I Choose Mercury Free Dentistry?

Mercury is a highly toxic substance that's still widely used by many dentists in the United States to create amalgam cavity fillings, despite nationwide bans in Canada, Australia and much of Europe. The World Health Organization has taken a stand against the use of mercury in healthcare applications, including dentistry. In fact, they consider mercury to be among the top ten chemicals or compounds that are a major public health concern due to their effects on the kidneys, lungs, immune and digestive systems. Exposure to mercury in utero and early in life can also be a threat to the development of children.

Moreover, the use of dental mercury in amalgam fillings is the leading source of mercury in our wastewater. Not only are mercury fillings dangerous to your health on a personal level, but also on a global scale as pollution resulting from dental mercury use accumulates.

Most stimulation of amalgam fillings, including everyday actions such as eating, chewing gum and brushing your teeth, can cause those fillings to release mercury into your bloodstream, where it affects your central nervous system. When cavities are filled by a mercury free dentist, perfectly viable and safe alternatives are used in place of this dangerous toxin.

Natural dentistry allows you to rest assured knowing the fillings in your mouth don't contain toxic substances that could be released into your body.

Are Natural Dentistry Services Guaranteed?

Yes! All of the services at Yuma Dental, including mercury free dentistry, are guaranteed for two years. In addition to natural dentistry services such as cavities and fillings, we also provide preventative care, implant crowns, dentures, tooth whitening, emergency treatments, root canals and wisdom tooth extractions. We are a full-service dental practice that caters to children, the elderly and everyone in between. Our offices are open throughout the week, including Fridays when many other dental practices in Yuma, AZ are closed.

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Call us today at 928.344.5700 for an appointment to learn more about mercury free dentistry or contact us online. Our natural dentists are available for consultations regarding the removal of amalgam fillings and replacement with safe, non-toxic composite fillings.