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Yuma Arizona Dentists

Yuma Dental is Your Full-Service Dentist in Yuma Arizona

Welcome to Yuma Dental! We're the Yuma Arizona dentists providing a full range of care for all ages, from routine exams and dentures to complex oral surgeries and cosmetic services.

You'll experience the best in care from Dr. Church, an experienced Yuma Arizona dentist, and his dedicated team. When you're our patient, you'll get all the perks of being a member of the premier dentists of Yuma:

  • Convenience: We're one of the few dentists in Yuma Arizona to offer appointments on Fridays. If you're a patient of this Yuma Arizona dentist, you'll enjoy same-day appointments for regular check-ups and emergencies.
  • Total Family Dentistry: Your whole family is in good hands ... We're proud to offer complete dental care for everyone in the family, from your children to your grandparents, at our family dental practice in Yuma.
  • Complete Care: With preventative, restorative and cosmetic services, you'll enjoy a full-range of dental services and periodontal care. You'll feel good knowing our focus is keeping you comfortable, which is one of the reasons we stand apart from other Yuma Arizona dentists.
  • Cutting-edge Cosmetics: Feel your best with help from our certified dentists. Whether you'd like to brighten your smile or are looking for a total reformation with veneers, we've got the state-of-the-art corrective cosmetic procedures that will keep you smiling.

Convenience Unique to Yuma AZ Dentists

Convenience in scheduling is one of the many factors setting us apart from other dentists in Yuma Arizona.

Most Yuma Arizona dentists don't offer Friday appointments, or they only offer them on a limited basis. We know how busy your life is, and we want to make getting excellent dental care easy. That's why we offer appointments at times when other dentists in Yuma don't.

A Dentist in Yuma Arizona Who Has Your Whole Family Covered

We're your whole family dentist in Yuma Arizona. We take care of everyone, from children to seniors. Teach your kids about the importance of dental care with routine visits to our dental offices in Yuma. Ensure your grandparents are getting the best dental services by recommending us. We want to take care of every smile in your family!

Full Range of Dental Services for Complete Care

We're a dentist in Yuma Arizona that offers a full range of services for every dental need. Whether you'd like a routine check-up to prevent dental problems or you have a dental problem that needs corrected, we can take care of it for you. What sets us apart from other dentists in Yuma is our focus on providing the highest quality care in the most comfortable way possible, with a mercury-free approach. As a member of Yuma Dental, you'll be treated like family.

If You Don't Like Your Smile, We Want to Help

If you're not smiling, we want to fix that! We offer cosmetic procedures that will give you the confidence to smile again.

Maybe your teeth aren't as white as you'd like. We've got state-of-the art whitening and bleaching services that can brighten your smile. Maybe you're a little self-conscience about a crooked smile or a few teeth out of alignment. We can set you up with invisalign, virtually invisible comfortable aligners with no metal wires.

Or maybe you're looking for something more drastic. We can reinvent your entire look with veneers, which are thin, custom-made shells that cover your teeth, giving you the perfect smile that you won't be able to help but show off.

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