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Success Stories

Is there anything worse than the pain of a cracked or broken tooth, teeth that have been knocked out of alignment or chipped teeth that have become sensitive? At our office, we see all kinds of dental patients in need of serious help, from tooth replacement to dental bridges. We are eager to treat these people because we know what a difference strong, healthy teeth can make in your life.

Still on the fence about getting your serious dental issues taken care of? We’ve compiled several Yuma Dental cases studies to show what a life-changing experience it can be to get your teeth fixed and repaired. You will smile with more confidence. You’ll enter a room with more poise. You’ll be proud to show off your brand new teeth. Just check out the huge differences in our Yuma Dental before and after pictures below. You won’t believe these teeth are from the same patients.

Below are some photos of satisfied patients who came to Yuma Dental in Yuma, AZ seeking help in restoring their smile. At Yuma Dental, we perform smile correction surgery, we fix broken teeth, replace missing teeth, offer tooth whitening services and much more!

Patient #1

fixed cracked tooth

This patient came into the office in pain with a cracked tooth.

Patient #2

fixed decayed and crooked teeth

Patient came in with multiple decayed and crooked teeth and wanted her front teeth fixed.

Patient #3

fixed eroded and chipped teeth

Patient came to office with eroded and chipped upper teeth and was concerned about appearance.

Patient #4

anterior bridge to fix broken tooth

Patient came into the office with a broken tooth. Patient also complained about ugly gum tissue next to broken tooth. The patient did not want an implant placed, and preferred a dental bridge. This is a before and after of an anterior bridge.

Yuma Dental reviews many cases each year with the same sorts of problems, and we always respond with the same high-quality treatment. We have a long history of experience in this community. We offer gentle, specialized care to each one of our patients, and our offerings span the entire menu of full-service dental care.