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Root Canals

root canal dentist Yuma AZ

Root Canal Treatment at Yuma AZ Premier Dental Office

A root canal is a procedure causing a sense of fear for most patients. This procedure is associated with pain to the point it has its own phrase in the English language: I'd rather have a root canal.

You may be surprised if you have root canal surgery with our Yuma AZ dental specialists. Many times, the procedure is relatively painless.

What Exactly is a Root Canal?

The space within the tooth is called a root canal. Within this naturally occurring space is the pulp, sometimes called the pulp chamber. Your tooth's sensitive nerve is located within the root canal.

A tooth's nerve is actually not needed for the tooth's health and function once it emerges through the gums. Its only role then is purely sensory, so you can feel hot and cold.

Bacteria will begin to multiply within your pulp chamber if your tooth's nerve tissue or pulp is damaged. These bacteria, and the debris resulting from the breakdown, can cause an infection or abscessed tooth. A pus-filled pocket can form at the end of the roots of the tooth, which is called an abscess. This occurs when the infection spreads and finds its way past the ends of your tooth's roots.

The dental procedure of the same name involves drilling an access hole in your tooth. Through this hole, the pulp, the bacteria that have formed, the decayed nerve tissue and any debris from the breakdown are removed. Once your tooth is free from this material, it is then sealed. If you have an infection requiring medication to be placed inside the tooth, the sealing may happen a time after, usually a week.

Your tooth is also filled with materials that will keep bacteria out and prevent future infections. In some cases the tooth decay requires additional restorative measures, such as a dental crown. This will protect the weakened tooth from breaking.

Need a Root Canal? Our Dentist in Yuma AZ Wants to Ease Your Fears

Most everyone is anxious before having a root canal procedure. Yuma, AZ residents can fear not: Yuma Dental has you covered!

When you visit Yuma Dental for a root canal, rest assured we'll take all measures to ensure your maximum comfort throughout the entire process. This includes providing you with an anesthetic to numb the area. Most patients are relieved as the surgery itself is typically no more painful than having your tooth filled for treatment of a cavity.

Toothache Pain? Our Yuma AZ Dental Specialists Can Help

If you're experiencing toothache pain, our Yuma AZ dental specialists can help. Sometimes this pain will require a root canal. Typically, symptoms indicating a root canal may be needed include:

  • Severe pain when you chew or apply pressure to the tooth
  • Sensitivity/pain to heat or cold, even after the heat or cold is removed
  • A change in color of the tooth (darkening)
  • Swelling and tenderness of gums near the tooth
  • A pimple on the gums that does not go away or comes back often

Don't Delay if You're Experiencing Pain

If you're experiencing any of the above symptoms, don't delay calling us for an appointment. A tooth that requires a root canal left untreated could cause serious complications, including:

  • Swelling, which can spread to your neck, head and other areas of your face
  • The loss of bone around the tip of the root
  • Draining into gums or into your skin through the cheek

End Your Tooth Pain

Call us today at 928.344.5700 before it becomes an emergency root canal. Our Yuma AZ dental specialists can ensure your tooth is properly cared for so you aren't at risk of greater complications.