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Oral Surgery

Dental Surgery at Yuma AZ Premier Dentist Office

Dental surgery sounds scary. However, dental surgery is generally less drastic and has fewer complications than other types of surgery. Still, you probably have some level of anxiety if you need oral surgery.

Our Yuma AZ expert dental team is understanding and empathetic to your concerns. When you come in for any oral surgery procedure, our caring dental specialists will take every measure to ensure your maximum level of comfort.

We will provide anesthetics when needed and check with you throughout your visit to ensure your pain level is at the lowest possible.

Teeth Surgery our Yuma Arizona Dental Specialists Provide

When you're a patient at Yuma Dental, you can rest assured knowing we provide the highest quality of dental care. Our dental specialists are highly trained and experienced in the many different teeth surgery procedures.

Yuma Arizona premier dental specialists offer a full line of dental surgery, including:

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a common oral cavity surgery. Our Yuma AZ dental specialists will extract your wisdom teeth to either relieve discomfort caused by impaction or prevent dental problems associated with them.

Wisdom teeth are located in a hard-to-reach section of your mouth. Often they become infected because food particles become trapped in the jaw area behind them. These infections are not only painful, but they can cause more serious complications.

Another reason you may have your wisdom teeth removed is because they are not aligned properly, causing tongue and cheek pain as they rub. Even wisdom teeth that grow in properly aligned are at risk for crowding. Your jaw simply doesn't have enough room to fit these teeth.

Root Canal

A root canal, called an endodontic therapy in dentist-speak, is when the pulp of a tooth is cleaned out. The remaining space is disinfected and filled. The purpose of a root canal is to eliminate current and prevent future infections.

Although the phrase "I'd rather have a root canal" is popular to the English language, patients are often surprised at how relatively painless the procedure actually is.

A root canal is deemed necessary when a tooth is considered threatened. This means a future infection is likely or inevitable because of decay, cracking or other complications. Often, some level of infection or inflammation is already occurring in or below the tooth.

Root End Surgery

In some cases, a root canal may not be enough to remove the infection, prevent future infections or relieve your pain. Root end surgery, also known as an apicoectomy, removes the tooth's root tip. You may need a root end surgery to ensure your tooth is properly cared for.

Dental Prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is the general term for any device added to your smile. Also known as prosthodontics, it includes rehabilitation and maintenance, in addition to the initial fitting.

Dental crowns, veneers, dental bridges, implants and dentures are all dental prosthetic.

Crowns, also known as caps, are artificial coverings typically used when a large cavity is present, threatening the ongoing health of the tooth.

Veneers are thin layers of material placed over the tooth surface used to improve its look or protect its damaged surface.

Dental bridges are partial dentures used to fill the gap between remaining teeth.

Dentures are the partial or complete artificial replacement of natural teeth and the surrounding tissue.

Take Back Your Smile

Call us today at 928.344.5700 for an appointment with our expert, caring team of dentist drs in Yuma AZ. Oral surgery doesn't have to be scary. By knowing the facts, and what you can expect, you'll be better prepared and have less anxiety. If you need dental surgery, our Yuma AZ dental experts will provide you with highest quality care in the most comfortable setting possible.